Tear stained tissued at the edge of a wedding dress with redwood needles at Northern California wedding ceremony

Winter Wedding at Prairie Creek Redwoods

Redwood national Park

Despite what Alanis would have you believe, rain on your wedding day is not actually ironic. In fact, around here… it’s often… just a fact. Go on, cue up Singing in the Rain. I’ll wait. Or you could just skip right to the elevated redwood forest vibe Phoebe and Dave have going on here.

Florals: Buttermilk Floral
Redwood Forest: Lost Man Creek AT Redwood national Park

Lost Man Creek is one of my favorite spots for intimate weddings and elopements in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. If you are looking for a quick fix of knock your socks off mega trees, this is not your spot. If you are looking for quiet, easy walking beautiful forest scenery with a sprinkling of big trees and a meandering creek, look no further. This grove offers both privacy due to minimal foot traffic and accessibility by way of paved walking paths and ample parking. A little solitude goes a long way in these gorgeous woods!

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