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Ritual and relationship captured true to feeling

Bride in green wool cape and lace gown cradles the face of her groom who wears a purple plaid sport coat while their infant son crawls on a blanket at their feet in Williams Grove along the Avenue of the Giants in Northern California.

Because this day isn’t actually about the photos. This is about you. Make room for every bad joke. Try not to cry and fail like a champ.

Breathe in the quiet moments threaded throughout.

Seconds that sink into your skin and become a part of you. Poems written with eyelashes

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Weddings & Elopements

Your wedding day is a kaleidoscope of color and light and people and place. A tiny, beautiful temporary universe. I’m here to celebrate you and yours. To make sure you feel seen and fully yourselves.

I photograph intuitively and empathically, tapping into the energy of the day to ensure that you remain grounded in the swirl of color and emotion. Allowing the day to unfold organically ensures that I capture both sweeping romance and the tiniest gestures with minimal interference.

And yes, I will absolutely tell you if your bangs look weird.

Wedding coverage begins at 5000 with collection averages between 7500 – 11,000. Each wedding and elopement is custom tailored to your unique celebration so please reach out to start a conversation.


Engagement, pre-wedding, anniversary, proposal or because it’s Tuesday. Let’s commemorate this wild, messy and beautiful life.

Sessions begin at 1350

Kaitlyn & Jessie

Kate is amazing! It’s like having your best friend take your wedding photos!

“She really taps into the people she’s working with.”


Watching my clients walk through the many seasons of their lives is an immense privilege. My approach is non-traditional and moment based. Your images will encapsulate your relationships intimately and honestly.

Sessions begin at 950


As your photographer


You don’t belong in a wedding box. You are not a cake topper and I won’t treat you like one. Being in the same room with all of your favorite people at the same time is a rare and beautiful convergence.

experience forward

A drop of mist bracelets your wrist during your vows. The sound of the wind in the upper branches. When you look back on your wedding day, you’ll remember how it felt. The tears in your eyes might be new though.

Heirloom Driven

When the cake is shared and the flowers fade, your photographs will remain. Time is precious. Time poured into the cups of your favorite people is never wasted. Your images will reflect the meaning and the magic in sharing this brief universe together.

Ruthie & Stevin

Kate is absolutely amazing! I can be quite camera shy and Kate made us feel totally at ease, like we were with an old friend.

“Kate made us feel totally at ease, like we were with an old friend.”

Cue the happy tears and emphatic four letter words.