Portrait of Kate Donaldson

Hi, I’m Kate.

A wedding photographer for the capital R Romantics, the wanderers in the mist, the deep thinkers, the all night talkers, the laugh until you criers, dog lovers, big huggers.

We can absolutely take the long way home.

Marriage for everyone
Champagne and potato chips
New running shoes
Singing songs I don’t know the words to
Messy hair
Campfire smoke
Nic Cage movies
Wild flowers
Winter beaches
Your love story

Welcome to the awesome people club.

I’m here to celebrate you and yours. The hand (or big toe) that always meets yours in the dark, your kitchen dancing partner. Your person. The other half that makes you a better half, the inside joke that makes you laugh so hard your dog is genuinely concerned. Your community. Your family. The home that finds you wherever you may be. Today this beautiful map of human constellations and connections that consistently lifts you up converges. Here. Together. For one night only.

Your wedding day will be a kaleidoscope of little moments and big feelings. I want you to remember each and every one.

“It’s like having your best friend take your wedding photos. Kate is amazing! She totally caught the vision of our wedding and really taps into the people she’s working with.”

Kaitlyn + Jesse, Ferndale Wedding

Weddings are tiny universes unto themselves that only exist for a little while. Steering you towards the good light and allowing the day to unfold organically ensures that I capture the big feelings and the tiniest gestures.

My humans are my everything. I will photograph your wedding day in a way that equally reflects the meaning and the magic in your own relationships.

Child runs down shoreline at Trinidad State Beach with Grandmother rock in the distance.

Celebrating inappropriate laughter since forever

My favorite person to picnic with while the sprinklers go off at dusk, Aaron and I have been married for 13 years, together for 17, have two bouncy german shepherd mystery rescues, one equally bouncy 6 year old and have lived in 5 cities and 9 different houses. We are currently exploring the true meaning of the word fixer upper. Ask us how we met after you’ve had a couple of drinks. We will watch any movie that Nic Cage has made, occasionally communicate in Terminator morse code and try to spend as much time as possible with our toes in the ocean.

You are magic seekers, moment enthusiasts, who deeply value ritual and relationship.