Casual Glam Wedding Rock Elopement

Three things one should always bring to a redwood wedding: adorable dogs, adorable humans and amazing boots. This Wedding Rock elopement in Sue-Meg State Park checked all of those boxes. Not to mention the dress was elegant and perfectly suited to the rocky and windy terrain. Pro-tip: if you are getting married on the Northern California coast, make sure your dress takes advantage of the frequent coastal tempests – think trailing artfully in the breeze or swirling down craggy stone steps. Also another great reason to wear a veil… and a properly secured one at that.

Florals: Flora Organica
Officiant: Alegria Sita, Gala Events and Weddings

Newly married couple on wedding rock with infant son
Newlywed couple with infant son on Wedding Rock in Northern California
Newlywed couple walks down the trail  from Wedding Rock in Sue-Meg State Park carrying infant son
Bride and groom descend stone steps to ceremony at Wedding Rock
Bride with bouquet by Flora Organica in Trinidad, California
Spring bouquet with succulents and peonies