How to get married in the Redwoods

And bring your friends

You’ve already considered eloping in the redwoods. After some consideration you realized that while you want to get married in the redwoods, you also want to your family and friends by your side. Here’s how to make that happen.


01 Redwoods Wedding Venues

Redwood wedding portraits in Founders Grove.

There are several options for weddings in the redwoods with more than twenty guests. Now is the time to dial in your vision for the celebration. Do you want to camp in the woods all weekend with a side of forest glam? Pamplin Grove or Williams Grove are great places to start. Prefer rustic elegance with an elevated dining experience? There are several venues with stunning grounds, guest accommodations and an easy distance from towering redwood groves.

Redwoods Weekend

Festival Wedding Vibes

Pamplin Grove – Group Campsite

This is an extremely popular location for summer weddings in Humboldt with a laid back vibe. The large campsite with proximity to the Van Duzen makes it a

Williams Grove – Group Campsite


Forest fancy

Redwoods Elegance

The Lost Whale Inn

Trinidad ocean front bed and breakfast a short drive from Redwood National Park. The Lost Whale also features a private trail to a secluded beach, perfect for a brief respite from wedding festivities.


The Benbow Inn

A historic inn tucked along the banks of the Eel River. The perpetually green lawn overlooks an old stone bridge and makes a serene backdrop for ceremonies, cocktail parties and lounging alike. The Inn features numerous rooms and a beautiful outdoor dining terrace to accommodate events intimate and large alike. Located not far from the Avenue of the Giants, this hotel is a great base for Southern Humboldt Redwood adventures.

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Humboldt County

02 Dress Code for Guests

Forest fancy is a popular redwoods forest wedding approach. Mixing sensible footwear with elevated cocktail attire is a signature redwoods wedding look. Trust me when I say you don’t want your guests to twist an ankle but you also don’t want to look out on a sea of fleece and cargo shorts. Do remind your guests that it can get chilly in the forest, more so as the season wears on.

03 Redwoods Wedding Decor

If you are holding your ceremony in the redwoods grove itself, you may opt to let the trees do most of the decor work. However, keep in mind that the large picnic spaces that will function as a reception area are wholly undecorated and honestly a bit drab without a little consideration.

PRO-TIP: bring a portable steamer to smooth out your TABLECLOTHS – a small detail that makes a big difference in photos

04 How to Get to Humboldt


Fun fact: The Arcata-Eureka airport is actually located in McKinleyville. Less or more fun fact depending on whether or not your flight is on time: the ACV airport was built by the navy to test defogging systems and is often shrouded in fog.

Most flights connect through San Francisco. SFO is also notorious for delays and cancelled connections so aim for early (but not too early) flights and cushion your itinerary with the possibility of a layover.


San Francisco is roughly 6 hours north of Humboldt, exact drive times varying based on your particular destination. Many visitors opt to pick up a rental car at SFO and take a leisurely drive up the coast. A rental car will come in handy either way as the destinations you will want to visit require a vehicle to transport you from point A to B.

Bride waits with umbrella at Mitchell grove redwood orchard in Eureka, California

If you want

  • photographs that are real and sentimental
  • a cinematic approach to light and color
  • seamless guidance
  • to replace pageantry with ritual 
  • a wedding day that doesn’t feel like a performance