Redwood engagement session with blue velvet dress

Blue Velvet in the Redwoods

Blue velvet gown engagement session in Redwood National Park.

If it rains on your wedding day, you know I’m going to encourage you to dance/run/walk or twirl in it. Not juuuuust because it makes for a great photograph but honestly, rain is fun. I won’t be spoiling any season finales when I tell you rain is also wet… so just be ready for whatever the weather happens to roll your way. I’ll make sure you’re comfortable and we’ll make a little magic.

Being caught in a sudden downpour is also a great reminder that there are very few things that we can control in this world. And the things that we can control are pretty boring. I’m looking at you, breakfast dishes. Megan reached out to me about a barefoot redwood engagement session, making Prairie Creek Redwoods an easy choice. We rounded out the afternoon with a sunset downpour at Moonstone Beach and a visit from their two adorable dogs. Don’t tell my pups but I’m pretty sure that their rottweiler basset hound mix might be the cutest thing I’ve seen in forever. Floppy ears, big paws? Come on.

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