California Casual: Moonstone Beach Engagement Session


engaged-couple-moonstone-beachI’m here to tell you, your engagement session (say in best Moira Rose voice) does. not. have. to. feel. like. work. Unless wandering around in pretty light and dissecting the Game of Thrones finale is work. Because that’s what happened here. Obviously, shot last year so calm down about spoiler alerts. Complicated feelings aside, what matters most to me during any portrait session is that you are comfortable. I’m not about to run you through a litany of poses like sad show ponies.
Moonstone Beach is one of my favorite beaches in Humboldt. When our newborn was waking us up at all hours, we’d grab eaaaarly morning breakfast burritos, breathe in the Pacific and watch that sun creep over the tree tops at Moonstone; now it’s our go to whenever we need a quick beach fix.
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