Sue-Meg State Park Wedding

Intimate-Sue-Meg-state-park-wedding-couple-descends-stairsCouple stand together in Sue-Meg park near Wedding RockBride and groom walk along craggy bluffs near Wedding Rock in Sue-Meg State Park

Fact: down time is a concept as easily mastered by a three year old as the concept of time itself. I may be wearing glittery mouse ears and making dinosaur noises as I type… this feels appropriate as when I photographed this pair in 2017, I did my best to avoid blurting out phrases suited for my then seven month old son. Did I just say you’re a good eater?!

Becky and Erik planned an intimate Sue-Meg State Park wedding for their immediate family and closest friends in a relatively short time frame. I have a super soft spot for Sue-Meg State Park as this is where Aaron and I camped on our very first vacation as a couple wayyyyy back in the day. It is also where we spent a partial night in the car after being awoken by a snuffling nose and a caterwauling raccoon. Nature! Wilderness! How are you going to fight a bear in your underpants?! Yes, I had just watched Grizzly Man. Nonetheless, that vacation is also the reason that we moved out here in the first place.

Sue-Meg State Park Wedding Tips

There are several incredible wedding locations available within the park. Sue-Meg and Wedding Rock are suited to intimate weddings with a guest list below 25. You can choose to hold your small ceremony at either location. Thinking about a camping wedding? Check out these larger capacity options.

For your mobility challenged guests, the Patrick’s Point overlook is a much friendlier choice. That said, don’t forget to recommend flats or boots for for the low key hike to the top of Wedding Rock. It’s not an overly strenuous stroll but there are a couple of big steps that are difficult to navigate in heels.

Location: Sue-Meg State Park

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Planning a Wedding Rock wedding? Check out my portfolio and I’ll meet you at the top.