Intimate Benbow Historic Inn Wedding

You know that warmth that spreads into your bones after standing with your back to the sun for a little while? The definition of basking. That sums up this wedding. Glowy and warm. Which only makes sense, as Hannah says: We fell in love practically the first moment we met. We were supposed to meet up to be friends and immediately knew it would always be more than that.

Two brides on the steps of the Benbow Inn near Garberville, California

Writing about this magical autumn Benbow Inn wedding as the drizzly winter sog settles in around Humboldt (which while I adore this cozy season) has me more than a little nostalgic for a sun shower or two. Hannah and Amy’s closest family and friends all travelled from out of state to spend the weekend together in the redwoods. The adventure loving couple built out a camper van for their month long honeymoon road trip to Oregon, Idaho, and Montana.

Let’s talk about light again for a second. While you can’t control the sun on your wedding day, you can create a timeline that optimizes the chances to experience the legendary California Golden Hour. Let me also emphasize here that your wedding photos will be stunning regardless of the weather. Humboldt weddings are not always for the faint of heart or delicate weather sensibilities. Sometimes it rains. Sometimes the sunset is fogged in. And sometimes everything glows. Talk to your photographer about ways to maximize the amazing – light always matters, even if it’s raining.

Venue: Benbow Historic Inn

Hannah’s dress: BHLDN

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