If you are reading this, I suspect that you are awesome. You, in one word = awesome. Your wedding in one word = awesome. Or awesome-fest if you happen to be playing fast and loose with the hyphens. Yep, that's a whole lot of awesome.

Basically, you love the shit out of some pretty fantastic folks and today that beautiful map of connections that consistently lifts you up converges. Here. Together. For one night only.

I'm here to celebrate you and yours. Your person. The other half that makes you a better half, the inside joke that makes you laugh so hard your neighbors are concerned and no, you don't care. Your community. Your family. The home that finds you wherever you may be. The friends you still text at 3 AM even if you haven't seen them IRL in a decade. 

Your wedding day will slide by in a kaleidoscope of little moments and big feelings. I want you to remember them all.

Since feeling is first


Marriage for everyone
Redwood weddings
Singing songs I don't know the words to
Ginger lemon cremes
New running shoes
Messy hair
Campfire smoke
Bare feet
Nic Cage movies
Wild flowers
Winter beaches
Your love story

I grew up in a small hotel on the Saskatchewan prairie and have a deep affinity for wide open spaces. I promise that toque, bunny hug and chesterfield are not swear words though I am definitely inclined towards colorful language. At least that's what I expect my son's kindergarten report will say. 

I take photos for your bad days. If you catch sight of an image and for a fraction of a second you're transported back to the edge of the world as the tide rolls in or to the center of a spectacular redwood forest as a drop of rain bracelets your wrist - I've done my job.

My own wedding cemented the importance of intentionality. This day is about you and your love story. Your wedding reflects your relationship without taking yourselves too seriously. And your traditions are just that - yours. Whether that's tequila, tacos and tears or a spoken word performance. A dance floor dance-off or donuts with your dogs and your toes in the ocean. There is always room to be 1000% yourselves. I will never ask you to be anything else.


Humboldt romantic