Based in Northern California

Meet Kate

I grew up like a prairie Eloise in a tiny hotel/motel on the Saskatchewan plains and so began my affinity for wide open spaces. Words like toque, bunny hug and chesterfield still find their way regularly into my vocabulary. I may teach my kindergarten kiddo that they're swear words.

Somewhere between realizing that I had no future in precision figure skating and picking up my Mom's Minolta to capture my coupled-off 8th grade friends, photography became my love language. This work is a privilege, creating heirlooms from emotion and fleeting moments.

Your wedding is a meaningful and intentional reflection of your love story. All that I ask is that you are unapologetically yourselves. Anything else is over rated.

Exuberantly messy cook, loud laugher. If you start dancing, I'm right there with you.



You have a heart of gold and a stardust soul. 

You want wedding photographs that encapsulate time. Split second glances, things remembered in the shifting light.  Found. Unscripted. Pure magic.

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