I'm here to celebrate you and yours. Your person. The other half that makes you a better half, the hand that always finds yours in the dark. Your community. Your family. The home that finds you wherever you may be. 

Today that beautiful map of connections that consistently lifts you up converges. Here. Together. For one night only.

Your wedding day will slide by in a kaleidoscope of little moments and big feelings. I want you to remember them all.

Marriage for everyone
Singing songs I don't know the words to
New running shoes
Bare feet
Nic Cage movies
Wild flowers
Winter beaches
Your love story

I grew up like a little house version of Eloise in a tiny hotel on the Canadian prairie and have a deep affinity for wide open spaces. Words like toque, bunny hug and chesterfield still find their way into my vocabulary.

Stand at the edge of the world as the tide rolls in or at the center of a spectacular redwood forest as a drop of rain bracelets your wrist. You can visit any time you want. Artful and unscripted images are the keys to your time machine. 

Your love story is unlike any other and your wedding is an intentional and beautiful reflection of your unique relationship. Whether that's tequila, tacos and tears or a spoken word performance. A dance floor dance-off or donuts with your dogs and your toes in the ocean. There is always room to be 1000% yourselves. I will never ask you to be anything else.

Humboldt Romantic


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