Portland Maternity Portraits - J + D

Northern California wedding and portrait photographer Kate Donaldson spent some quality time giggling in the Smith and Bybee Wetlands with this adorable and expectant pair.© Kate Donaldson PhotographyI dunno, does it get any cuter than a giggling pregnant lady? Maybe a giggling pregnant lady in a ball pit full of pug puppies? Okay, that's probably at least on par.

I recently spent some time making portraits of Jenny and Dann on an unseasonably warm Saturday afternoon in Portland. Sunshine in Oregon? In February? It's all true! Nary a solitary (or plural) umbrella in sight! And since normally sun soaked Kennewick had been suffering a case of the grey/blah/ughhhs - not to be confused with the movie The Grey, in which Liam Neeson does not punch a wolf - I was basically seconds from yelling "SPRIIINGGGGGBRAYYYYYYK" at the top of my lungs and challenging fellow park enthusiasts to beer pong. Fortunately, I channelled my solar powered energies into performing a balancing act on a stone kayak and somehow avoiding a dip in the Smith and Bybee wetlands. A.k.a. what I fondly refer to as portrait photography. A.k.a. just how I do.

Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed wandering in the woods with this adorable pair + bump!