You're engaged! Now what?

You're engaged! Now what?

First - champagne! Preferably cheap champagne. Because I can't tell the difference whatsoever. Or beer. Go grab an IPA. Nope, absolutely don't care that it might be 9 A.M.

True confession: my husband proposed at 6:30 A.M. Say it with me: it's never too early for champagne.

Confetti canon optional. Because. Engagement! Commitment should be celebrated! I know, the word itself sounds like a 9 to 5 suit and tie sort of dental hygiene appointment. I'm blaming the "ment" part at the end. There's just something shimmery that happens when you decide to go halvsies on life. Even if you've been together for years and years, the decision to reach for that particular hand in the dark... or in my case, an extended foot to trip over whilst stumbling to the bathroom at 3 A.M. is truly butterfly inducing. Okay, tripping over said foot causes more @#$%^&*!s than butterflies but I am always happy to cuddle right back in once the cursing subsides.

So now that you've put down your confetti canon... you're engaged! Now what? 

1. Breathe.

2. Remember that your wedding day isn't the most important day of your life. It's a very significant marker for the continuity of a partnership - your marriage.

3. Hear me when I say this is absolutely not about finding your ideal self reflected in decoration.

4. Drink more champagne. Maybe add some Cheetos. As a meal supplement. Not to the champagne.

5. Breathe.

Do you want a big party? Do you want to run away to a little spot in the woods? What do YOU like? Not what is trending on Pinterest. And when I say like, I mean things that move you. As much as you can be moved by a wall of donuts or a sea of sparkly shoes. Don't get me wrong - Pinterest is a great resource for inspiration but why not push beyond that tired quest for "the perfect wedding"? Forget that magazine spread that reflects your life in zero ways. Also, your life will not end if you do not get a cute pic of your rings on a mossy log. For real. Seriously, you don't have to buy into anything that screams "wedding" at all. In fact, if the only things that you've pinned are images of the Humboldt Redwoods, that's a pretty big clue... elope and call me :) Yes, it might all feel like bonkers overload in the first few weeks but trust me, it will dissolve into oh, okay, this is super rad and what? WTF is up with that? Except if you've pinned a cat with a rainbow on its face. Because rainbow cat face.