Backyard Wedding Weekend In Africa - The Party
Wedding Serenade © Arcata wedding and portrait photographer Kate Donaldson Photography
Bride & Groom Dancing at Wedding © Eureka wedding photographer Kate Donaldson Photography
Black and white photograph of party goers at a backyard wedding in Africa © Northern California photographer Kate Donaldson Photography
Guests Celebrate in Style © Humboldt County Wedding Photography - Backyard Wedding Weekend by Kate Donaldson Photography

My favorite thing to do at parties is take pictures.

I have a very hard time sitting still and then there's that whole ongoing quest for fleetingly candid moments that most people won't even give a second thought to until they see the photo - type thing. Yeah, that's totally a thing. For photo nerds. Like me. At weddings these moments are happening all over the place. Boisterous moments where folks forget they're wearing fancy clothes, maybe lose the uncomfortable shoes, raise a glass and/or hit the dance floor. Sometimes all at the same time. Quiet moments just outside the party lights.

These moments  also happen at dinner parties, house parties and dance clubs on a Saturday night but there's just something about a wedding that seems to makes folks both wild and sentimental. And more fun to photograph! Just the cocktails? Partying in the name of the love? Either way, I'm always happy to have a camera in hand. Occasionally with a cocktail in the other.