Hello Humboldt!
Packing for Denver... 2 Days Before Our Wedding © Humboldt County Wedding photographer Kate Donaldson Photography
My Wedding Dress © Arcata based wedding and portrait photographer Kate Donaldson Photography
Our Wedding © Kate Donaldson Photography

Fact: we left our wedding in a U-Haul truck. Together we have lived in Oregon, Colorado, Washington and now... Northern California! So we're kind of old hats at this moving business but truthfully, we're over it. Like really over it. If you're curious about all the relocation (and relocation and relocation) rigamarole, I married an academic. If they made dolls out of teachers (and they should as they are most definitely super heroes) PhD Ken (in my case, Aaron) would be accessorized with a moving truck, cardboard boxes and miles of packing tape. Pulled back muscle because books are actually made of wood is optional but generally unavoidable. In short, your average freshly minted purveyor of learning is guaranteed to bounce around until the right job is secured either through merciless stalking or (in this case) appears unexpectedly, like Mr. Burns glowing in the night time woods.

"We. We together." has become our adopted motto. Because the what and the where almost never align - we're moving where this year? And we continue to bounce right along. On and off the tracks, together, hither and thither, occasionally clinging to the sides, alternating between giddy highs annnnd the occasional cry fest. And each time our meticulously loaded truck (your life neatly/crazily crammed into a 20 foot metal box on wheels) rolls safely to a stop, we say thank you. For a new opportunity to invest ourselves in making a meaningful life, for a new adventure and another chapter. Together.

Trinidad, California © Kate Donaldson Photography
Trinidad, California © Kate Donaldson Photography

Humboldt County stole our hearts nearly ten years ago, on our first vacation as a couple. We spent 5 days (and one absolutely terrified night crunched in the front seat of the car) camping at Patrick's Point. Just a quick PSA: never ever watch Grizzly Man the week prior to camping. Anywhere. Even in your own back yard. Especially not in Northern California! Irrational/perfectly grounded fears aside, Humboldt County has been a longstanding contestant on the "could you imagine living here?" game. As a wedding and portrait photographer (really as any kind of photographer) Humboldt County is a dream. Forests, ocean, flora - yes, please! And now from amid the boxes and the where the heck does this go agains, for the first time in a very long time, we're beginning to imagine roots.

Images from top: Packing for Denver... Two Days Before Our Wedding; The Dress... Which I Have Yet to (And May Never, Let's Be Honest) Dry Clean; My Rad Sister Working On Decorations; Trinidad, CA; Patrick's Point (? I think).