But… I’m not good on camera

You're in luck! I don't know how to take a bad picture of happy people. In fact, my favorite photographs are the ones where your hair is a little windblown and your smile is 0% for my camera and 100% for your favorite person in the world. I get really excited when you have no idea how incredible you look laughing your asses off together. And I will tell you as much in the process. Probably in an outburst of expletives. Sorry. Not sorry. 

We’re planning a Redwood elopement

Is there anything better than running around Humboldt with your beloved... except marrying your beloved while running around the Humboldt redwoods? Whether you are planning a rendezvous in a cathedral of Redwood trees or a contemplative affair on Luffenholtz beach or Patrick's Point, you already have my heart. I'm also partial to "oh hey, it's Tuesday, donuts, let's get hitched." Drop me a line with your plans!

Do you travel outside of Northern California?

I do! Standard collection rates plus travel fees apply.

Do you offer prints and albums?

In a word, yes. Your memories belong in your every day space. 

Are we a good fit?

You might be my ideal couple if...

  • You believe that love is love. Full stop.

  • You want photos that remind you what the day felt like, not what you had for dinner

  • Your first e-mail to me includes some or all of the following words and phrases: my dress will get dirty, we’re going to cry, there will be dogs, champagne, cake, maybe rubber boots, Redwoods, bare feet, bourbon, probably standing in the ocean

  • Rain is a punctuation mark, not a problem; puddles are made for jumping.

  • You want wedding photos that make you @#$%!!! excited!

How do we book you?

A signed contract and a non-refundable 50% retainer will lock in your wedding date. The remainder of your payment will be due three weeks prior to your wedding date. I operate on a first come, first served basis. If two inquiries come in for the same date, the date will be given to the first client to sign a contract and submit the retainer. Out of courtesy, I will typically notify both parties that the date has competing interests.

Please note that your date will not be held until a contract is signed and your retainer submitted.


How do you feel about shot lists?

The only time I use a shot list is during family and group photos. Because drafting family trees from memory is not my thing. I am not that guy from Memento.

I will capture your wedding day in an organic style that mixes documentary with creative portraiture and a solid dose of artful interpretation. Pre-event consultations are very important to me. Your job is to enjoy the day, my job is to mind the details that make it amazing.

Do you use a second shooter?

No. I'm really more of the hold my beer and watch this sort. If you are concerned about getting ready coverage, almost every wedding timeline can be arranged to accommodate time with both partners.

What is your turnaround time?

Wedding turnaround times typically range from 6-8 weeks, sometimes 10 during the height of the season. Swimmer, do not panic - the wait will be worth it!

Lifestyle session turnaround time is 2-4 weeks.

How many photos will we receive?

The exact number always varies depending on the nature of the event. Wedding collections typically average 50-75 edited images per hour. That said, I never cap the number of images delivered so no memory is left behind.